Board Games for Kids

Best Board Games for Kids

Top 10 Board Games for Kids I have gone through hundreds of emails, data, review sights, and even my own personal experiences to create this list of the best board games for kids. I have no kids myself, but I

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Classic Board Games

Best Classic Board Games

From Senet in Ancient Egypt to Go in ancient china, board games have been around for thousands of years. While none of the board games on this list are quite that old, they certainly borrow some characteristics of board games

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Uno Review

Best Party Games

Party games are quick easy games often played with large groups of people (and sometimes with a generous amount of liquor). They are always the highlight of any party that I go to and I have a few easy picks

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Puzzles and Card Games

Best Card Games

Not a big fan of boardgames? Do you want something a little more fast or casual? well check out our list of card games that I am sure will be a great alternative or addition to your game collection! All

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Hardcore Board Games

Best Hardcore Board Games

Hardcore board games are for more non-casual players who want more of a challenge. This page lists some of my favourite serious board games that usually take a few hours to play have great replay value for the larger cost.

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best horror board games

Best Horror Board Games

Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. I love the autumn atmosphere, the colors, the smells, the weather, there is few other times of year that I feel so happy and so inspired. It just so happens that there

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About Matt the Geek

board games reviews authorMatt the Geek is the owner and author of Best Board Game Reviews and has been playing games since he could walk. He is passionate about creating and playing board games and created this website to help as many people as he could find a new board game to play or to give as a gift.

For more information on Matt the Geek check out his about us page.

Make sure to check out his board game buying guides for yourself and buying a board game as a gift for further information on what is a perfect board game to purchase.

Types of Table Top Games

Table top games can me separated a few different categories: Board games, Card Games, Role Playing games, and cooperative games.

Board Games

Board games (which is this website’s main focus) generally have a board of some kind which the players use to play the game. These can come with the board already set up (like Monopoly) or tile placing games (like Catan). Board games typically take 1-2 hours to complete and can come in many sizes and genres. Check out my list of best classic board games for more board game ideas.

Card Games

Card Games are typically played without a board and with the focus being on cards. Game like UNO and Exploding Kittens are a good example of card games and they are generally easy to learn and play. Card games are typically shorter than board games due to their fluid nature, but you can also play multiple games in one go with the goal being the first to 3 wins and so on. Check out my list of top 10 best card games.

Role Playing Games

Role playing games are when there could be no board and no cards and the majority of the game takes place within the mind of the players, guided by a dungeon master. The most popular example of this is Dungeons and Dragons with typical sessions going from 2 hours to 4.

Cooperative Games

Cooperative games are usually where the players are pitted against the board game. Games like Pandemic and Gloomhaven are cooperative games where each player is given a class and a certain set of abilities. Cooperative games are great for couples as they are either both winners or both losers.

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Number of Players: 1-4

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Time: 30 minutes per player (varies between scenarios)

Price: Very High

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