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Hi, my name is Matt and this is my board game review website. I aim to review as many board games as possible to people find the right board game for them, I cover everything from board games for kids, to the more adult adults, or as I like to call them hardcore board games.

I hope that this board game review website will be useful to you whether you are trying to find something for yourself, or a gift for some one else.

My History with Board Games.

I have loved board games since I can remember. I was obsessed with trying to create the perfect strategy and beat my older sister in every game we played. I designed my first board game at 10 years old (a simple mining game similar to snakes and ladders) and I have continued to make game for myself and my friends well into adult hood. To this day I love board games and I always have a few recommendations up my sleeve to anyone who asks me what to play.

Board games for adults

What Board Games I like to Play

My favourite game of all time is Betrayal at House on the Hill 2nd Edition and love to play this with my family. I prefer games that have a strong story element, but I also like games have have unique mechanics and rules. I also play a lot of role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons, with my partner and friends, and I even write my own campaigns for them to play.

Why I created this Board Game Website

I created this website to help people who are not as experienced with board games to find the perfect presents for kids or partners, and for people who are looking at getting into board games themselves and needed a place to start. I firmly believe that there is a game for everyone, you just need know how to find it. In my experience, there is something so special about playing a game with a bunch of friends.

Have a question about Board Games?

If you have any questions for me about board games or want to submit a game to review, click here to go to my contact page and I will try my best to help you.