Cards Against Humanity Review

Basic Information on Cards Against Humanity

cards against humanity review

Number of Players: 3-10

Age: 17+

Time: 30-60 min

Price: Medium-High

Introduction to Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against humanity is the adult party game that everyone should own and have played. It tells you just how dirty minded your friends (and family) are and is a great way game to play after a few drinks. Card against humanity revolutionized adult party games and though many others have tried to emulate its formula, nothing beats this classic. So get your friends together and laugh until your sides hurt with this raunchy and very un PC game.

How to Play Cards against humanity

To play the game, get your worst friends together and deal out 10 white cards to each player. On each round one player will pull a black card and read the scenario aloud to the other players who need to fill in the blank with their white cards. The aim is to make the person who drew the black card laugh, and whichever white card made then laugh the most, gets the black card as 1 point. They player to the left or right going around the circle, then draws the next black card and play continues until someone has won 7 black cards in total.

Notes on Cards against Humanity

What is there to say about this game except that it is amazing! If you are above the age of 18 I highly recommend you get this if you do not have it already. They are also have a huge amount of expansion packs if you want to customize your game. This is the perfect gift for any 18th or 21st birthday and is definitely one of my most played card games in my collection.

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