Hasbro Candyland Board Game Review

Basic Information

candyland board game review

No of Players: 2-4

Age: 3+

Time: 30 minutes

Pricing: $10-15 USD


Candyland is a fun simple board game where you are trying to find the lost king of the candy kingdom. This is a great game to play with young kids who are learning to count since it has very simple game mechanics and a fun color palate.

How to Play Candyland

This is a basic linear board game with one track that players move around until they reach the end. Instead of rolling a dice, you pick a card off the top of the deck and the color on the card is the color that you move to. Removing the numbers from a dice roll is what makes this game so accessible to younger players and can help teach them other lessons with colors. In that stacked deck there are also cards with two colors, and cards with named locations to which your characters moves to. To win the game you want to land on the final square which is the Candy Castle.

Notes on Candyland Board Game

This version of the game by Hasbro has a spinner instead of a stack of cards. It essentially functions the same, however I have had some issues with the spinner. My larger hands can’t seem to get a good spin whenever I play. In saying that, my niece doesn’t really care and happily will spin the thing all day if I let her. The game has a super fun atheistic with many fun characters and is a great first game for anyone wanting to get their kids into board games at a super young age.

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