Monopoly Deal Review

Basic Information

monopoly deal review

Number of Players: 2-5

Age: 8+

Time: 20 minutes

Price: Low

Introduction to Monopoly Deal

Monopoly deal is the card game version of monopoly classic which unlike the original, only takes 20 minutes to play! It’s a fast turns and dramatic swings of luck still makes this game one of the best versions of monopoly I have played to date. I highly recommend this version for any kids (and adults) who don’t have the patience for full monopoly, as well as not wanting to be charged for murder when someone lands on the spot that you have been trying to get for two trips around the board!

How to Play Monopoly Deal

Each player starts the turn with 5 cards in hand and a deck of cards in the middle. In their turn, a player picks up 2 cards and plays three. There are three kinds of cards to play; Money cards, Property cards, and action cards. Each card also has a money value on it, so properties and action cards can be played as money cards as well. The goal of the game is to own three full sets of monopolies.

Notes on Monopoly Deal

This is my new favorite version of monopoly to play. Its perfect for travelling around on airplanes and is a great little gift to give someone for a birthday or Christmas present. The value speaks for itself and you can also get the shuffle app to add more variation to the game if you want.

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