Munchkin Review

Basic Information

munchkin board game review

No of Players: 3-6

Age: 12+

Time: 1-2 Hours (although I have had games that go for 40-50 minutes)

Pricing: $35 USD, $50 AUD


A munchkin is a person who tried to win a fantasy game through collecting the best weapons and loot. Munchkin, the game, takes that concept and uses it in its satirical take on the fantasy genre in this ridiculously fun card game.

How to Play Munchkin

Munchkin, in its basic form, is a card based game that requires players to collect and use items in order to defeat enemies and level up. Each round players battle monsters in order to level up and gain loot. Other players may help as defeat the monster, but will demand some form of payment for their services. On the flip side, players can also add monsters for the active player to fight from their hand and make it even harder for them to level up. These mechanics make munchkin both cooperative and very competitive since someone who helps you early on can turn on you without any warning. The end goal of the game is to reach level 10 and defeat the final monster.

Notes on Munchkin

I love munchkin, as it is a great fun and quick game to play with friends. I personally prefer to play with a board since that makes it easier to see the progress of yourself and your rivals. You must be careful to read the fine-print of your items since they can become confusing at times and can lead to some “un-intentional” cheating. There are many variations of the munchkin base game, such as: Adventure Time (which I own), steampunk, walking dead, Rick and Morty etc. These games essentially all play the same, and you can even combine these different games to create a bigger deck of cards to play from. I highly recommend it for the casual gamer who doesn’t want to read too many rules and just wants to fight some monsters. For these players I highly recommend the board for the game as well.

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