Sequence Review

Basic Information on Sequence

sequence board game review

No of Players: 2-12

Age: 7+

Time: 30 minutes

Pricing: $15-20 USD


Sequence is a strategy based board game where you want to place your marker 5 in a row, similar to connect 4 but more complex. When you play with more than two players you form 2 or 3 teams with the end goal being to create sequences before the others.

How to Play Sequence

With 2-3 Players, you sit around the table with the board in the middle. When played in a team, you sit alternating people so that no team-mates are sitting together. Each player is dealt a number of cards which they use to place down their team tokens on the board. Jacks are considered wild card in the game, and the joker cards are no to be included at all. You go around the table, and the player choses a card from their hand and places a marker on the corresponding tile. You cannot verbally communicate with your team mates about which direction you are aiming your sequence, they must simply try to play off the clues you have given with your decisions. The played card goes into the discard pile and then play goes to the next player. You win the game if you/your team make a certain number of sequences, the number varies based on the amount of teams playing.

Notes on Sequence

This is a less visually appealing game to younger players, however has fairly basic mechanics and is fairly easy to pick up. Its equal parts strategy and luck when it comes to the cards you pick up and how you place them that determines who wins that game. In theory, even a younger less experienced player could defeat and older more experienced one (which happened to me when I played it).

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