Secret Hitler Review

secret Hitler review

Basic Information For Secret Hitler

secret Hitler review

Number of Players: 5-10

Age: 17+

Time:  45 minutes

Price: Medium-High

Introduction to Secret Hitler

Have you ever wanted to experience the political intrigue and betrayal of Germany’s political system in the 1930s? Well now you can with this fully historically accurate representation which pits the players against each other as liberals and fascist. The fascists, who know who each other are, try their best to sew chaos with the liberals and get their supreme leader Hitler elected as chancellor. The liberals must do their best to find and kill Hitler before it’s too late!

How to Play Secret Hitler

Each player is secretly given an identity of either Liberal, fascist, or Hitler. Each player then closes their eyes and another player, or the app voiced by Will Wheaton, goes through a night in Germany as the fascists wake and see who each other is while Hitler raises his thumbs to the heavens to let his followers know his identify without revealing who they are to him. Everyone closes their eyes again and then everyone wakes up and the game begins. Each round the position of President is moved around and they elect a chancellor. The players then vote on whether they accept this appointment and if the appointment is rejected, the role of presents passes to the next person and they then elect a chancellor and so on (with some limitations). If the appointment is confirmed, the president draws three cards, discards one and passes the next two to the chancellor. The chancellor chooses from the remaining two and placed the chosen card on the board. For the fascist to win, they wither need to get through Majority fascist policies or get Hitler elected chancellor (after the 4th policy). The liberals need to get through majority liberal policies or kill Hitler.

Notes on Secret Hitler

Nothing says family like calling your brother a fascist or your sister Hitler, while you yourself are secretly for the cause. You really learn who is good at bluffing, or how to bluff better after a few games. Deceit and betrayal are after all the only way to get ahead in politics and this game perfectly encapsulates these ideals while being criminally fun. I hugely recommend this for any young adult who wants a fun game to play with friends (or the right family). Of course, Nazism is wrong, but making fun of it takes away its power and this game does just that! 

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