Ticket to Ride First Journey Review

ticket to ride first journey review

Basic Information

ticket to ride first journey review

No of Players: 2-4

Age: 6+

Time: 15-30 min

Pricing: High


Ticket to Ride: first journey is the kid adaption of a popular European style board game called ticket to ride. This game differs from the original with a smaller map and a faster game time. This is a great game for any kid who loves trains and is a great way to start teaching them about geography. It’s also the perfect game to Segway kids into the more serious board games.

How to Play

Ticket to ride first journey plays just like the regular ticket to ride games. Your objective is to complete as many ticket cards as you can by purchasing routes with train cards. On your turn you can either pick up more ticket cards, pick up train cards, or pay train cards to place your trains on the board. When someone runs out of their trains, the last round is triggered. Everyone then reveals what ticket cards they competed and count up their points. The game play is fairly straight forward and most of the strategy is planning which routes will connect you to the most about of cities you have on your cards. The best way to win is to have your destination cards link up/have some smaller destination cards auto complete with the larger ones. This is one of those games where it can be hard to say who wins until right at the end so always keep trying to complete destinations!


The ticket to ride franchise is a staple in many board game collections and this version is no different. It is the perfect introduction to European style board games while still being fun an accessible to young kids. This is my personal favorite game to play with my niece and nephew.

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