Guide to buying a board game as a gift

guide to buying a board game as a gift

Have you ever found yourself trying to find a good gift but don’t know where to start? Well I always say that there is a board game for everyone and its my goal to help you find the perfect one. Whether it be for a child, sibling, friend, parent or other, I believe that you can find a great board game by asking yourself a few simple questions.

Who would they be playing with?

How many board games do they own (if any)?

Do they want a board game that’s easy to learn or want a more complicated game?

Would they prefer a cooperative experience or a competitive one?

Can they get good replay value from the game?

These questions are good starting points to go off from because they narrow down the type of game you are looking for.

If you are buying a board game for a kid, check out the best board games for kid’s page we have for a list of some popular games. Remember when buying a board game for someone who is young, you want it to be easy enough to play, but not so easy that they lose interest. Most games have a varying age bracket, and you can use them as a rough guide for what game will be good.

board game buying guide

If you a buying it for someone who is fairly new to board games, you can check out our best classic board game list. That list covers most of the basic board games that most people will at least have heard of, so the familiarity might make them more invested in the game when playing. You can also check out our best party games page which has a good list for both new and casual gamers.

If you are buying for a more seasoned player, check out my list of hardcore board games which are game that I personally love as an avid board game player.

Regardless of skill level and age, there is a board game for everyone and that is what this whole website is about, trying to help you find the perfect board game!