Reinhard Staupe Sherlock Card Game Review

Sherlock Memory Card Game Review
Sherlock Memory Card Game Review

Basic Information

Number of Players: 2-5

Age: 5+

Time: 15 minutes

Price: Low

Introduction to Reinhard Staupe’s Sherlock Card Game

Reinhard Staupe’s Sherlock Card Game is a great game to help improve reading, object identification, and memory in young children. It’s a great memory game for young players as the rules are fairly simple and the game play is still challenging enough to keep them invested. The idea of the game is that you are Sherlock and you are following the clues around the board.

How to Play Reinhard Staupe’s Sherlock Card Game

Reinhard Staupe Sherlock Card Game
Visual of Game Play

To set up Sherlock the card game you must shuffle the cards and place them in a stack in the middle of the playing area. Then you place 8 cards face up in a circle around the stack. Players take some time to memorize these 8 cards and when they are ready they flip the cards back over so they are face down.

The first player takes the Sherlock token and places it on one of the face down cards and announces what they believe that card is. That player then flips that card face up to reveal if they were correct or incorrect. Should they be correct, they then move in the direction that the card instructs them two (with an arrow pointing in a direction left or right and a number dictating how many cards). They move to this new card and must again guess what that card is and if they are correct they move on to the next card and so on until they land on a card that is face up which they then take as their point. That card is then replaced by a new card from the deck which is revealed to all players before being also placed face down in the empty space. Should a Player guess a card wrong at any time they lose their turn and the next player becomes Sherlock and tries to remember their way around the cards.

The player who is the first to gather 6 clue cards is the winner!

Notes on Reinhard Staupe’s Sherlock Card Game

This Sherlock card game is a great gift idea for kids around the ages of 5 or 6. The game play is simple enough to understand and start playing within minutes which is great for younger kids with shorter attention spans. The more they play the better kids will become at memorizing cards which can flow into other aspects of the education. This is a great simple game which has always been a favorite of mine when playing with younger kids.

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