Castle Panic Review

castle panic review

Basic Info

castle panic review

No of Players: 1-6

Age: 10+

Time: 1 hour-1 ½ hours

Pricing: $35-40 USD


Castle Panic is a castle defence game where you and your team defend your castle against monsters. This is a great co-op game with fairly simple rules and mechanics, great for older kids and adults. 

How to Play Castle Panic

The main objective is to slay all 49 monster tokens before the last castle wall falls. The setup is fairly basic, you have a board with castle walls and outer walls placed in the center which you must defend. The monsters attack in waves from random directions and it is up to you and your team to kill them before they reach your tower. Just remember to be wary of rolling boulders because even though they can kill a lot of monsters, they can also do a heap of damage to your castle! You can even add an extra achievement of being the player with the most victory points is declared the Master Slayer.

Notes on Castle Panic

This is a really fun game to play as a family. The rules and set up are fairly basic and is friendly to new players. Its mechanics rely on a combination of chance and strategy and your ability to adapt to the threats is a big part of how to win. This is the perfect game for any Christmas gift for boys 8-12 and any person who enjoys a simple tower-defence game.

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