Catan Junior Review

catan junior review

Basic Info

catan junior review

No of Players: 2-4 (3 is the optimum amount of players)

Age: 6+

Time: 30-45 minutes

Pricing: Medium


Catan Junior is a simplified version of the regular Catan that is great to play with younger kids from 6-10 years old. In this game you are pirates with ships and lairs trying to take control of the resources over the board. If you are a parent wanting to get your child into more European styled-board games, Catan Junior is a great gateway board game.

How to Play

The setup is very similar to Catan but the key difference is that the players are not settlers, but pirates. Instead of settlements, players build lairs and ships on their tiles and receives resources attached to their lair when the number associated with that tile is rolled. You can also purchase These resources are used to purchase  Instead of a robber, there is a ghost captain and he just blocks resource production.

Notes on the Game

Catan junior is a great gateway game for getting kids into the more ‘serious’ board games. This is another one of my personal favorites to play with my niece who is obsessed with pirates at the moment. Its also great for teaching kids about risk management, forward planning, and communication skills, all very important for a young pirate.

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