Clue (Cluedo) Review

clue review

Basic Info

clue review

No of Players: 3-6 (better with 4-5)

Age: 8+

Time: 45min-1hour

Pricing: $25-30 USD


Clue (Cluedo outside America) is a classic board game about solving the murder of Mr. Black in his mansion. You play as one of 6 characters who collect clues by visiting rooms and making accusations. There has been many editions and additions to the base game but the core concept and rules remain the same. Would highly recommend for the more casual player.

How to Play

Each player choses a character and places their marker in their corresponding color square. Take one suspect, murder weapon, and room card from each pile and place them in a hidden envelope then shuffle and deal the remaining card to the players. The players then take turns rolling the dice, moving between rooms, and making accusations. The other players must try prove the accuser wrong with their own cards and that ends the accusers turn. When no one can prove an accusation to be false, the accuser makes a final accusation and wins the game… if they are correct.

Notes on the Game

Sometimes the game requires players to move to a certain room before making a final accusation, it will depend on the version you are playing so just have a quick read over the rules. Due to Clue’s long history, most people that are familiar with board games have played the game before, as such it’s a great go-to-game with friends and family who just want to play a fun casual game.

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