Twister Review

twister review

Basic Information

twister review

Number of Players: 2-4

Age: 5+

Time: 20 minutes

Price: low

Introduction to Twister

Twister is the classic contortion party game where the aim is to be the last person standing. Great for kids, couple, adults who may have had a drink or two, and everyone in between. Twister is the game that gets you off your feet and on the twister sheet!

How to Play Twister

Each round a player will spin the wheel which will give an instruction of where to place a limb, and what color. Players take turns spinning the wheel and keep moving and placing hands and feet until one (or everyone) falls over. Try to be the last person standing and win!

Notes on Twister

Twister is great for kids who are able to contort their bodies more comfortably than big gangly adults. I have never once beaten my niece (who also happens to do gymnastics so I feel she has a double unfair advantage) but I still have fun every time I play. I feel like I get a pretty serious workout after every game as my legs and arms are always sore from trying to stay up and balance myself in such unnatural positions. An easy choice for the young and young at heart.

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