Don’t Step In It Review

Dont Step in It Game for Kids

Basic Information

No of Players: 1+ (4-6 Players seems to work best)

Age: 4+

Time: 30 minutes (But the kids Just. Kept. Going!)

Pricing: Low-Medium


This is a fairly straight forward game where the main goal is to get to the end, stepping in as little poop as possible! Admittedly as an adult I found this a little less enjoyable, but to the kids there was just something so exciting about stepping in poop that they kept playing long after I was pooped-out (yes it’s a pun I HAVE NO REGRETS).

How to Play Don’t Step In It

Its super easy and straight forward to set up. You just lay out the long matt and put some brown play-dough like stuff into a poo-mold. You blindfold the first victim, I mean, player and another players spins the wheel to tell the blind-folded person how many steps to take. The wheel also has some actions for the other players to do (like add more poo) and the goal is to step in the least amount of poo possible.

Notes on the Game

The name of the game is how the game is played. It’s innocent toilet humor gamified and is a great game for kids. Admittedly, as an adult with a longer stride and I like to think more mature humor (puns are hilarious) it was less engaging, but even so it was fun to play with the kids for a bit and pretending to step in poopies…

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