Guess Who? Review

Guess Who Board Game

Basic Info

Guess Who board Game review

No of Players: 2

Age: 6+

Time: 20-30 minutes

Pricing: $10 US, $25 AUD


Guess Who? is a game where two players try to guess each other’s chosen character based of asking simple yes or no questions. This is a fairly simple game, great for young kids, and is fairly quick to play. Guess Who? Is a stable of children’s board games and still holds up to this day.

How to Play Guess Who?

Each player has a board in front of them with 24 faces, each with easily describable features. In turns, each player asks the other yes or no questions trying to narrow down their pool of potential suspects by flipping down the faces of people who were eliminated from the questioning. The player to be the first to guess the other’s character wins.

Notes on Guess Who?

Much like UNO, Guess Who? is a fairly old game that has been updated through the years. The current editions for instance have more diversity in their characters and try to be more inclusive. Guess Who?, like monopoly, also has many branded editions with licenced characters from popular shows and franchises. It’s a fairly cheap game, but unlike other games only caters for two players.

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