What Do You Meme? Review

what do you meme review

Basic Information for What do You Meme?

what do you meme review

Number of Players: 3-20+

Age: 17+

Time: 30-60 min

Price: Medium

Introduction to What do you Meme?

What do you Meme is a card against humanity like game where the aim is to get as many points as you can by making people laugh. It’s a great adult party game that is sure to tickle the inner meme-lord in all of us. If anyone you know loved card against humanity in the past this is a great option as a gift.

How to play What do you Meme

AS stated before, what do you meme plays much like card against humanity with a Rotating judge that hands out the points to the player than made them laugh the most. The main difference is that the balck cards are replaced with the images of popular memes and players are tasked with giving these images the meme-text. Once a player reaches 7 (or really how many points you want) they win the game.

Notes on What do you meme

What do you meme is a great party game for people who like cards against humanity and other adult-centered games. I personally love playing it with my brothers and their partners and we have so much fun trying to make the others laugh. Is a solid game all round and definitely recommend it for any upcoming parties.

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