Monopoly Classic Review

monopoly review

Basic Information

monopoly review

Players: 2-6

Time: 120 min

Age: 8+

Price: Medium-High

Introduction to Monopoly

Perhaps one of the best know board games, monopoly has a reputation for long game time and ruining friendships. It is a game that has been around for generations and as such is one of the most common games to be played between family members. Even though the game itself has been around for so long, the core of the gameplay remains the same and will continue to ignite a fiery spark in players for many years to come.

How to play Monopoly

Monopoly is surprisingly complicated for a game that everyone seems to know how to play. Not only are you relying on luck to land on real estate in the early stages, but you also need money to upgrade and purchase houses once you have a monopoly of one color. There are also some other less known elements of the game when it comes to auctions as when any player lands on a property ans doesn’t (or cant) purchase it, the property goes to auction and the banker facilitated this auction. The property goes to the highest bidder and play continues. Once all the properties are taken, players can try to negotiate and swap real estate to try and get color monopolies to build up. The aim of doing this is to try and bankrupt the other players without you yourself going bankrupt. Games can goes surprisingly quick when players start to invest heavily in their property. I definitely recommended looking up some YouTube videos regarding these lesser known rules as they can really change the game.

Notes on Monopoly

A word of warning, many friendships have been tested and too many to count sibling fights have broken out over this game.  It’s a game that tests your relationships and your ability to calculate risks versus rewards. A great game for a competitive family or friends, but understandably, not for everyone. Still, the nostalgia hits hard with this game, and I’ll dust it of every so often to play with my siblings to see how we have improved over the years as players.

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