One Night Ultimate Werewolf Review

One Night Ultimate Werewolf review

Basic Information

One Night Ultimate Werewolf review

Number of Players: 3-10

Age: 8+

Time: 10 minutes

Price: Medium

Introduction to One Night Ultimate Werewolf

One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a fast paced bluffing game by Bezier games. Players are trying to use their deduction skills to find out who the werewolves are, while the werewolves try to bluff and convince the others to kill and innocent. One Night Ultimate Werewolf is the condensed version of the original Werewolf game, with no moderator no elimination, and no downtime. It’s the perfect quick party game that truly separates the wolves from the sheep…

How to Play One Night Ultimate Werewolf

The amount of players determines the roles that ate used in each game of werewolves. Each players receives a role card with three extra cards placed in the middle of the table within reach of everyone. Players look at their own cards and memorize their roles for game.

one night ultimate werewolf review

There are three main groups that these roles fall into; the werewolves, the tanners, and the villagers. The werewolves group includes all werewolf cards and the minion. They want to deflect suspicion away from them by bluffing and accusing other players, even the minion who will gladly sacrifice themselves for the werewolves to win.  The Tanners are in a league of their own from the villagers as the Head Tanner hates his job and simply wants to die. The apprentice tanner wants the head tanners job and wants him dead as well. The villagers make up the rest of the characters and they each have different abilities that can help them to try and deduce who is who in this crazy game of catch the warewolf.

After each player has looked at their card they place them face down on the table in front of them and the night phase begins. The night phase can be spoken allowed by someone who is not participating in the game or you could use the free app that had the night phase recorded. During the night phase the wolves acknowledge each other and the other players also have some actions that they can also perform, such as swapping other players cards, looking at the card another player has or poking someone.

After the night phase deliberation starts and players try to deduce who each other are. Here the players bluff, accuse, state information that they have acquired over the night, and after 8 minutes everyone votes on who to kill.

If the villagers kill a werewolf, they win, if anyone else dies (including the minion), the werewolf team wins.

Notes on One Night Ultimate Werewolf

One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a fun fast talking bluffing game which is great for everyone to play. I mainly play this around Halloween with my older niece and her parents and I swear that I get the werewolf every time I play. I highly recommend this game for all player types, especially those who like bluffing games and games that they can play quick.

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