Apples to Apples Review

apples to apples review

Basic Information for Apples to Apples

apples to apples review

Number of Players: 4-10

Age: 12+

Time: 30 minutes

Price: Medium

Introduction to Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples was like the pre-curser to Cards against humanity. It’s a fun card game where players are trying to match description cards to things cards with some hilarious results. I played this a lot when I was younger and had a lot of fun with my friends in high school trying to get the most cards to win.

How to Play Apples to Apples

Just like in cards against humanity, there are two decks to pull from; the description deck and the things deck. A player, will pull a card from the description deck and read it aloud to the other player who will then chose a thing card from their hand that they think best matches that description and places it face down for judging. The player who read the description card, pulls together the thing cards and shuffles them and reads them aloud one by one. The thing card that they believe best matches the description card (or makes them laugh the most in my experience) is the winner and that person then gets to be the one to draw the description card. Play continues like this until someone wins a predetermined amount of cards and wins the game.

Notes on Apples to Apples

Apples to apples hold a special place in my heart as it was one of the main games I played with my friends throughout high school. It was a fun fast paced game where we tried to make each other laugh. It’s a great present idea for teenagers, even for ones who don’t particularly like board games.

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Geek Out Review

geek out review

Basic Information for Geek Out

geek out review

Number of Players: 2+

Age: 10+

Time: 30 minutes

Price: Medium

Introduction to Geek Out

Geek out is the ultimate geeky trivia game where players are asked to list a certain number of things based on the category and subject that was asked. There are 5 categories in Geek Out: Comic books, fantasy, games science fiction, and miscellaneous. The goal is to not only guess the amount listed on the card, but to also out bid the other players and win the card. Geek Out is a great way to test your knowledge against your friends and see who the ultimate Geek is.

How to Play Geek Out

Each round a player rolls the dice which has the 5 colors representing each category and a ‘wild’ where they get to choose. Whichever color it lands on is the category they are going to attempt. They pull the top card from the deck and read the list they must complete. For example. A player rolled a green and the card asks them to name 4 Brothers Grimm fairy tales. The player then can bid on how many they think they can name and the player who bids the highest wins the ‘auction’. They must then name the amount that they bid accurately, or they will lose the card. The player with the highest amount of won cards at the end is the winner.

Notes on Geek Out

Geek out is definitely ones of the more difficult games to play since it does rely so heavily on a players knowledge of the different geeky subjects. It’s similar to trivial pursuit in this regard, just with a higher level of knowledge needed for some of the categories. Regardless, I have a heap of fun playing with my partner and friends and it’s a create trivia game that keeps people in their toes.

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Exploding Kittens Review

exploding kittens review

Basic Information

exploding kittens review

Number of Players: 2-5


Time: 15 minutes

Cost: Medium

Introduction to Exploding Kittens

Exploding kittens was first funded through kickstarter in 2015 and since then has become one of the most popular card games for kids and adults. It’s fast paced and explosive game play keeps players on their toes as they try to gain defuse cards and sabotage fellow players in order to be the last person standing. Exploding kittens is truly on of the funniest and craziest card games I have had the pleasure to play and I highly recommend it to casual and non-casual players.

How to Play Exploding Kittens

The aim of exploding kittens is to be the last person alive in a round. Each player starts with a defuse card in had with another few in the deck. Each round a player can play any number of action cards from his or her hand or play collections of cats in order to perform special abilities. At the end of their turn they pick up a card from the deck except for when the play an action card that skips this step. If they draw an exploding kitten, they must play a defuse card. If they don’t have a defuse card they are out of the round. If they don’t draw an exploding kitten, the turn moves to the next player.

The best way to win is to try and steal defuses from other players and then, while they are defenseless, make them draw an exploding kitten. The last person left in the game is declared the winner and you can reshuffle and play again for more kitten madness!

Notes on Exploding Kittens

Exploding kittens is one of my favorite card games and I own both the original and NSFW edition. I play either version with friends or family and I have found it to be an easy go-to gift if I need to get one for someone in a hurry. The fun game play and crazy art style has won over so many people I know and I’m sure it will win you over to.

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What Do You Meme? Review

what do you meme review

Basic Information for What do You Meme?

what do you meme review

Number of Players: 3-20+

Age: 17+

Time: 30-60 min

Price: Medium

Introduction to What do you Meme?

What do you Meme is a card against humanity like game where the aim is to get as many points as you can by making people laugh. It’s a great adult party game that is sure to tickle the inner meme-lord in all of us. If anyone you know loved card against humanity in the past this is a great option as a gift.

How to play What do you Meme

AS stated before, what do you meme plays much like card against humanity with a Rotating judge that hands out the points to the player than made them laugh the most. The main difference is that the balck cards are replaced with the images of popular memes and players are tasked with giving these images the meme-text. Once a player reaches 7 (or really how many points you want) they win the game.

Notes on What do you meme

What do you meme is a great party game for people who like cards against humanity and other adult-centered games. I personally love playing it with my brothers and their partners and we have so much fun trying to make the others laugh. Is a solid game all round and definitely recommend it for any upcoming parties.

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Cards Against Humanity Review

cards against humanity review

Basic Information on Cards Against Humanity

cards against humanity review

Number of Players: 3-10

Age: 17+

Time: 30-60 min

Price: Medium-High

Introduction to Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against humanity is the adult party game that everyone should own and have played. It tells you just how dirty minded your friends (and family) are and is a great way game to play after a few drinks. Card against humanity revolutionized adult party games and though many others have tried to emulate its formula, nothing beats this classic. So get your friends together and laugh until your sides hurt with this raunchy and very un PC game.

How to Play Cards against humanity

To play the game, get your worst friends together and deal out 10 white cards to each player. On each round one player will pull a black card and read the scenario aloud to the other players who need to fill in the blank with their white cards. The aim is to make the person who drew the black card laugh, and whichever white card made then laugh the most, gets the black card as 1 point. They player to the left or right going around the circle, then draws the next black card and play continues until someone has won 7 black cards in total.

Notes on Cards against Humanity

What is there to say about this game except that it is amazing! If you are above the age of 18 I highly recommend you get this if you do not have it already. They are also have a huge amount of expansion packs if you want to customize your game. This is the perfect gift for any 18th or 21st birthday and is definitely one of my most played card games in my collection.

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Jenga Review

jenga review

Basic  Information

jenga review

No of Players: 2+

Age: 6+

Time: 10-15 min

Price Low-Medium


Jenga is a classic party game that is easy to learn and fun to play. It’s great for all ages and now comes in many different shapes and sizes with their own rule variants and additions.

How to Play Jenga

Jenga is a fairly simple game to learn, but actual game play can become quite tricky the longer the game goes and the taller and more unstable the tower becomes. Players will need to be strategic with which piece they choose take and place, if the tower falls at all during their turn they lose the game. Jenga sets usually come in a box that the pieces can be placed back in for a quick reset of the game. Like other games of this type there are some house rules that people use, such as when you touch a piece, you must move it. Others add dice and color rules, but even with all these different rules, the way to lose remains the same. 

Notes on Jenga

Jenga is one of those games that everyone seems to know how to play and is an easy was to bring some fun into any party. As stated in the ‘how to play’, there are heaps of house rules that you can add and use to make the game different. You cannot go wrong with this game made from wood!

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