Spot It! Review

spot it review

Basic Information

spot it review

Number of Players: 2-8

Age: 7+

Time: 15 minutes

Price: Low

Introduction to Spot It

Spot it is a fast paced card game that is about trying to match up symbols between the card in your hand and the one in the deck before the other player! It a fun fast paced card game that is great for all ages and even languages. Because it is symbol based it relies only on your ability to match images rather than any reading so it’s a great game to take travelling.

How to Play Spot It

In spot it there are only ever 1 matching symbol between two cards. That means that plays need to be quick at looking over all the symbols and matching them up in order to win. There are a few variations to play spot in, but in essence the game is about acute observation and quick reflexes which makes it a fun fast game to play.

Notes on Spot it

Spot it is a game that I play a lot with my niece and nephew when I am over to visit. Being picture based and reliant on speed puts us all on a relatively even playing field which is great. I also love playing this game with my friends when we are having smaller game nights since its fast to play and fun to win. Definitely recommend for any parent to play with their kids and makes a great birthday or Christmas gift.

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