Geek Out Review

geek out review

Basic Information for Geek Out

geek out review

Number of Players: 2+

Age: 10+

Time: 30 minutes

Price: Medium

Introduction to Geek Out

Geek out is the ultimate geeky trivia game where players are asked to list a certain number of things based on the category and subject that was asked. There are 5 categories in Geek Out: Comic books, fantasy, games science fiction, and miscellaneous. The goal is to not only guess the amount listed on the card, but to also out bid the other players and win the card. Geek Out is a great way to test your knowledge against your friends and see who the ultimate Geek is.

How to Play Geek Out

Each round a player rolls the dice which has the 5 colors representing each category and a ‘wild’ where they get to choose. Whichever color it lands on is the category they are going to attempt. They pull the top card from the deck and read the list they must complete. For example. A player rolled a green and the card asks them to name 4 Brothers Grimm fairy tales. The player then can bid on how many they think they can name and the player who bids the highest wins the ‘auction’. They must then name the amount that they bid accurately, or they will lose the card. The player with the highest amount of won cards at the end is the winner.

Notes on Geek Out

Geek out is definitely ones of the more difficult games to play since it does rely so heavily on a players knowledge of the different geeky subjects. It’s similar to trivial pursuit in this regard, just with a higher level of knowledge needed for some of the categories. Regardless, I have a heap of fun playing with my partner and friends and it’s a create trivia game that keeps people in their toes.

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