Anomia Review

anomia review

Basic Information

anomia review

Number of Players: 3-6

Age: 10+

Time: 15 minutes

Price: Low

Introduction to Anomia

Anomia is a fast word association card game that literally anyone from 10 years and up can play. Even the most intellectual person will fumble when under pressure as they try to think of a type of fish before the other player can think of a pop song. It really feels like an even playing field, age makes no difference, only your ability to perform under pressure! I highly recommend this for anyone and everyone as both a great party game, and a great card game to play with friends and family.

How to Play Anomia

In Anomia each colored deck is a single round. Players take turns QUICKLY taking a card from the deck and flipping it up in front of them and if their symbol matches someone else’s symbol, they must try to name something from the opponents card before the opponent can do the same to them. If a player draws a wild card with two symbols on it, that card is placed in the center and how those two symbols will also match up for more word battles. That player then also draws another card. In the event of a draw, a third player will draw a single card from the deck, the player to name something from that card’s subject first will win the battle and take the opponents card, while the tie-breaking card is shuffled back into the deck. Play continues around the table until the deck is empty. Players then count up how many cards they won, and the player with the most amount of cards wins.

Notes on Anomia

Anomia is one of those games that I bring to every family Gathering, Everyone from my 60 year old father-in-law to my 10 year old nephew love this game as they feel they are on even footing with each other and love to challenge other members of the family to a battle of words. This is a easy birthday or Christmas present to get since it is so inexpensive and the value you get is amazing.

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