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Basic Information for Uno

Party Games

No of Players: 2-10 (4 Players is what I usually play with)

Age: 7+

Time: 1 Hour (I have had some games that go for 20 min, and then others for two hours!)

Pricing: $5 USD, $7 AUD

Introduction to Uno

Uno is a fast paced card game with the goal of the game being the first to get rid of all your cards. This game is great for all ages and has very simple rules that anyone can pick up quickly. It’s a classic card game that is great fun for the whole family!

How to Play UNO

The official way to win is to be the first to reach 500 points which is done by winning a number of games plus wild cards and draw fours give extra points. I have actually never played with this rule and generally play until someone wins 3 games. Every player starts with seven cards in their hand, and play, matching up colors or numbers to the pile in the center. You keep placing, or picking up cards, until one person has one card left, at which they yell UNO before any other players. When that player (or any other player) finally gets rid of their last card they have won that round.

Notes on UNO

Like a lot of classic games there are house rules that you can add to the game to make it more fun (and arguably more confusing). For instance, some players play the rule if you play a seven, you swap hands with someone else. There is also the rule of when someone plays a zero, everyone’s hand moves to the person on their left or right (depending on which way the play is going). There are also heaps of variations with UNO, such as UNO Attack, UNO Junior, Giant UNO, and so on. They can have a slight variation on the standard rules but usually play is the same.

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